Wuxtry! Wuxtry! TERRY Fans Rewarded!

When we announced Terry and the Pirates: The Master Collection, we promised folks who subscribed to the full series at the Clover Press website that they would receive a “Special 16-Page Comics Section” featuring modern-day homages to Milton Caniff and Terry, the greatest adventure comics strip of all time.

Get ready, subscribers, because we’re pleased to say that the Comics Section has now arrived from the Pacific Rim, and you’ll be receiving yours along with Terry and the Pirates Volumes 2 and 3, which will be shipping in a matter of days. What a way to launch the holiday season!

The Comics Section features an impressive roster of European and North American creators whose contributions can be grouped onto one of three categories:

  1. Interpretations of select Caniff daily or Sunday Terry installments
  2. Pin-Ups and One-Shots
  3. All-original daily or Sunday installments

Earlier this year LOAC Social Media Manager Kurtis Findlay offered up an example of that third category when he showcased the Comics Section’s brand-new, full-color Sunday page from 2022 Eisner Hall of Fame inductee Howard Chaykin. It features a Stateside Terry and Burma – joined by a very special guest – inside the famous Stage Door Canteen. Now we’ll also show you that award-winning French cartoonist Nicolas De Crecy chose the 1939 encounter between April Kane and Sanjak in his pin-up offering:

Pope Hats creator and New Yorker contributor Hartley Lin chose to deliver a modern version of a Milton Caniff 1937 daily. Here’s Milt’s work from June 11th of that year, followed by Hartley’s delightful rendition:

The connection between comic strips and paper dolls spans almost nine decades, and the team of Trina Robbins and Steve Leialoha extend that connection into 2022 with some stylish couture for the inimitable Dragon Lady:

These samples scratch the surface of what the Comics Section offers. You’ll also find a 1945 Caniff Sunday page re-inked and -colored by Michael Cho, a pin-up piece by Butch Guice that looks like it was taken from the pages of Editor & Publisher magazine, plus wonderful contributions by the likes of Walter Minus, Blutch, Charles Berberian, the team of Diana Tamblyn and J. Bone, Serge Clerc, and more.

The good news: subscriptions are still available through the Clover Press website.

New subscribers will receive an initial bundle containing Volumes 1 and 13 (the companion text/art/photos volume to the series), followed by a second bundle containing Volumes 2, 3, and the Comics Section. Other volumes will follow as they’re released. It’s a great opportunity to enjoy two dozen contemporary homages to the Rembrandt of the Comic Strips and immerse yourself in his masterwork!

If that’s not enough to convince you, well then, please come on back to this space in a few days for a deeper dive into one specific Comic Section page, one that yr hmbl svnt had a hand in creating. How’s that for a teaser …?

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