What Came Next –? (Polly and Her Pals)

At the start of 2023 we began this occasional feature, “What Came Next –?”, in which we display the strips that came immediately after the last ones printed in some of our Library of American Comics volumes. The inaugural installment offered a look at Bert Christman’s Scorchy Smith; we followed up by shining the spotlight on What Came Next for Jack Kent’s delightful King Aroo, then Secret Agent X-9 and Archie‘s swingin’ sixties, by Bob Montana.  

The time seems right for this fifth entry in the series. What happened to the Perkins family following the last entry in our 1933 LOAC Essentials volume devoted to another of our very favorite strips, Polly and her Pals? Our Essentials ended with this New Year’s 1934 strip:

The next day, we learned that Sterrett was beginning to explore a theme extending as far back as George Washington. Like the father of our country, Pa and Maw Perkins greeted the new year by making the “I Cannot Tell a Lie” resolution – and even Kitty gets into the act! Here’s What Came Next (click each image for an isolated view) –

If you enjoyed these strips as much as we did, be on the lookout for our LOAC Essential: Polly and Her Pals, as well as our two oversized volumes of glorious full-color Polly Sunday pages:

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