What Came Next? (Archie’s Swingin’ Sixties)

A year ago we began this occasional feature with What Came Next (Scorchy Smith). The goal of each installment is to provide a look at the strips that came immediately after the last ones printed in some of our Library of American Comics volumes. It seemed fitting to begin this new year following up what we started three hundred sixty-five days ago, and we decided to feature an enduring favorite (our collection of 1946-48 strips was a 2011 Eisner Award nominee!), Bob Montana’s Archie.

We produced a pair of volumes featuring Riverdale’s most familiar faces during the 1960s, covering the first half of that decade. Our second book ended with this strip, from New Year’s Day, 1966:

What came next – ? For one thing, January 2nd was a Sunday, so Monday the 3rd began the first full week of Archie’s 1966 daily-strip misadventures. Fans of Betty and Veronica will also be saddened to learn that Bob Montana spent that week without either of the girls making an appearance, choosing instead to give school staples Mr. Weatherbee, Miss Grundy, and lunch lady Miss Beazly opportunities to drive the humor. These six strips serve as a reminder that, no matter which character he featured, Bob Montana knew how to deliver a reliable gag-a-day chuckle, packaged with a crisp line and crystal-clear storytelling. Click each strip below for an isolated view:

If you’d like to read more of Bob Montana’s comic strip work, be on the lookout for our quartet of Archie collections. Veronica and Betty are featured in each of them!

To see What Came Next in this space between our Scorchy and Archie installments, click here and here.

And once again, please accept our thanks and gratitude for your patronage of this space, our social media platforms, and the line of Library of American Comics titles. We’re wishing you a happy, successful 2024!

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