That was Then …

… When “then” was 2013. Almost eight years ago, I put together this visual to depict the strips contained in LOAC books, based on the original publication dates of their contents. The results were far-ranging enough so the image was best displayed in two parts, the first reflecting the years 1910-1950 and the second showing 1955-2010. They looked like this (click each image to see it in “Jumbotronic-sized”):

That was a pretty robust picture — but now, seven-plus years later, it looks even more bountiful. Keep watching this space in the next few days for an updated view of “The LOAC Timeline.” To steal a once-common phrase: “You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet!”

4 thoughts on “That was Then …

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  2. Shawn Malone says:

    Wow, I’m excited about these old comic strips are being reprinted for a new generation to read and enjoy. In Europe the American Comic strip is considered an art and there have museums devoted to the American comic strip. In the past I used to go the library and used to do research on old newspapers using the microfilm machine. I discovered old comic strips and read the newspapers until the librarians warned patrons ” the library will be closing in 15 minutes”. I had to rewind the microfilm reel and put the film away until my next visit to the library. Now with Google Newspaper Archives and and California digital newspaper collection , I’m able to read the old comic strips along with the news of the day , old radio guides , old TV guides , and the what was playing at the movies. It’s a historians dream!

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