Terry and the Pirates: The Master Collection


The Library of American Comics and Clover Press are proud to publish Terry and the Pirates: The Master Collection – A brand new way to experience the greatest comic strip of all time! Reproduced from Milton Caniff’s personal set of color syndicate tabloid proofs that were unavailable for previous books, this series is the ultimate edition of Caniff’s masterpiece!

The complete strip will be collected in twelve deluxe 11″ x 14″ hardcover volumes each containing a full year of Terry and the Pirates, with a thirteenth volume by Dean Mullaney and Bruce Canwell that tells the behind-the-scenes story of the strip!

Vol. 1 collects all dailies and Sundays from the strip’s beginning on October 22, 1934 through the end of 1935 in a deluxe 192 pp, 11″ x 14″, hardcover. This initial volume is scheduled for a March 16, 2022 release with subsequent volumes dropping every four months!

Volume 13 is a Clover Press exclusive, available for purchase only on their website or as complementary gift with full series subscription (more details below)!

In this definitive new edition, we present the Sundays in an unmatched color fidelity and larger than they have ever before been reprinted—an unparalleled upgrade that no Terry fan can afford to pass up.

Old edition vs. new edition size comparison

Likewise, the Dailies are also presented much larger than in our previous editions and include their original episode titles!

New edition vs. old edition size comparison


Terry and the Pirates: The Master Collection can be ordered through your local comic shop and various online retailers. However, Clover Press is offering exclusive price points for anyone who orders direct from the publisher!

Clover Press is also offering an subscription for all 12 volumes at an even lower price! Plus, a subscription comes with a bonus 16-page comic section featuring contemporary comic artists paying homage to Terry and the Pirates, plus the thirteenth volume – completely free!

Take advantage of Clover Press’s Limited Time Pre-Order Sale where you’ll find the first volume of Terry and the Pirates: The Master Collection at a special discounted price! This sale will run until we feel like it should stop!

Each volume of Terry and the Pirates: The Master Collection will have a limited run with no current plans to reprint. Make sure you don’t sleep on the opportunity to own the best version of this classic comic strip that there will ever be!

10 thoughts on “Terry and the Pirates: The Master Collection

  1. Pasquale says:

    A few questions that could be of interest for all European buyers:
    1) The third option is an upfront payment?
    2) In the second option, Vol 1 and 13 would be realeased and shipped together?
    3) There will be an extra cost for overseas shipping?

    • Kurtis says:

      1) No, you will be charged $75 per volume plus shipping as the volumes are released over the next four years.
      2) Yes, they will be released and shipped together in March!
      3) Overseas shipping costs are definitely higher. We are working to make is as low as we can manage.

  2. Leonardo Gori says:

    I can’t wait.
    PLEASE be careful and don’t distorce the panels, as (in some cases) for the Flash Gordon and the Tarzan

    • Kurtis says:

      They actually aren’t cropped. That is the original framing as Milton Caniff drew it. Caniff drew in a full tab format and most papers published it at that size as well, but many papers wanted the strip to fill only a half tab, so the original art was cut up and rearranged in a half tab format to satisfy those papers. There was a bit of room for the panels to be extended, so extra art was added to fill up the space. These new editions may look “cropped”, but they most certainly are not. We are presenting the art in its original, unedited format!

  3. Damian says:

    What will the retail list price for each volume be if one doesn’t subscribe in advance? $95? Purchased at my local comic shop?

    • Kurtis says:

      The cover price on Vol. 1 is $125 and Vols. 2-12 will be $100. Comic shops can chose to discount these if they wish. The $95 price is what Clover will be selling Vol. 1 on their website.

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