Steve Canyon Turns 75!

Wishing to create a property that would be under his full control, Milton Caniff wrapped up his time on Terry and the Pirates and moved over to Field Enterprises where he developed a brand new, creator-owned comic strip, Steve Canyon! The first daily hit newspapers on January 13, 1947, which makes Steve Canyon 75 years old!

The first week of Steve Canyon immediately hooks the reader with a mystery. But it isn’t the type of mystery that you would expect from the introductory week of a brand new strip. The mystery is, “Who is Steve Canyon?”

Being a master storyteller, Caniff used the characters of secretary Feeta-Feeta and Mr. Dayzee—Copper Calhoon’s front-man—to introduce the world to the former WWII-pilot, his job, his attitude, even what he looks like, without actually including the titular character in the strip! It isn’t until the first Sunday that Steve finally makes his debut!

Here is the first week for your enjoyment!

You can find the first two years of Steve Canyon in our first volume of the series. Volume twelve, featuring all the strips from 1969-1970, will be hitting comic shops and bookstores this summer!

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