Skeletons & Spirits in Multiple Panels

A few days before Hallowe’en we took this Fantasy Comics Page look at single-panel newspaper cartoons culled from October 31, 1975. Now — just a couple days after the latest All Hallows Eve, but before the kids have polished off all their trick-or-treat candy (or you’ve finished off the sweets your neighborhood munchkins failed to claim for themselves!) — we wanted to give you a second Fantasy Day Comics Page from the same date, this time featuring a grab-bag of multi-panel continuity strips.

Hallowe’en was never a big deal to the adventure strips, even in their heyday. By 1975 that paradigm had not changed one iota, so there are no installments to be had featuring Buz Sawyer in a fright-mask, or Steve and Summer Canyon handing out goodies to kids at the local Air Force base — this holiday is the province of the gag-a-day side of the art form. I suspect the strips below are familiar to all, so no need for introductions or postscripts, just an invitation to settle in for some frightfully fabulous laughs!

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