Screwballs Storm The Iron Gate (Third in a Series)

Back — after a hiatus to allow our new-look website to complete construction and be unveiled — with more delightful artwork from the commemorative book celebrating the twenty-fifth anniversary of Jack & Charlie’s, that Manhattan restaurant and watering hole for the movers and shakers that was better known as “21.”

Rube Goldberg has been the subject of numerous books, and was included in Paul Tumey’s popular and well-received Screwball!, published by LOAC. Here Rube offers up one of his ever-popular “inventions” to help the desperate gain entrance to the swank establishment. Of course, the problem with the trick of Rube’s machine is — you can only do it once!
Dick Wingert, creator of Hubert for Stars and Stripes (in his soldier guise) and later for King Features Syndicate (when Hubert returned to civilian life), provides a gag with plenty of pulchritude in the background.
George “Swan” Swanson was also given the Screwball! treatment in that fine anthology. For his contribution to The Iron Gate, he decided to depict blood pressure poppin’ rather than Elza Poppin’ (sorry), as a patron gets a look at “21’s” notoriously high prices.
Painter Guy Hoff produced advertising work and covers for several magazines, including The Saturday Evening Post. His daughter, model Mardee Hoff, was also voted “The Most Perfect Figure in America” in 1935 by the American Society of Illustrators.
The 25th Anniversary edition of The Iron Gate has its share of ads, such as this Martin’s VVO Scotch outing created by the one and only Otto Soglow.
Another Screwball! alum, Gene Ahern of The Squirrel Cage fame (among his other stellar credits), brings some thud and bluster to the chi-chi confines of “21” in this amusing offering.

If you missed our two previous entries in this “21” series, click these handy links for Part One and Part Two!

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