Screwball Sunday: Rube Goldberg, Dadaist

Boob McNutt — August 29, 1920

There are five rare early Boob McNutt Sundays in full-color reprinted in Screwball! Today’s page is one that is not in the book. It is of special interest because the last panel was cut out, trimmed, and pasted into the famed 1921 magazine, New York dada, edited by Marcel Duchamp and Man Ray. Note the opening panel in this page breaks the strip’s early format slightly, starting not with a suicide attempt but instead Boob getting a job. The puffery of professional men, in particular scientists and doctors, was a favorite target of Goldberg’s satire. Here, he presents a wonderful group of goofily distinguished gents that we can chuckle at today, a century later.

Detail, New York dada (1921). Courtesy Michael Dooley.

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