Amazing Spider-Man, Vol. 4: 1983-1984


By Stan Lee, Fred Kida, and Floro Dery

From the heart of the Bermuda Triangle comes the merry Marvel team-up you’ve been waiting for, as Spider-Man crosses paths with the one, the only, the regal Sub-Mariner! But where Prince Namor swims, can the wily Warlord Krang be far behind? Back in Fun City, shock follows shock: Aunt May turns criminal! Joe Robertson blows his cool! And we promise you’ll always remember Peter Parker’s unforgettable encounter with The Eliminator—which is more than Peter can say! Naturally, our hero has romantic troubles galore, and as Dolly Norbert and Maggie Manton tug at his heartstrings, where does that leave vivacious Mary Jane Watson? Finally, Spidey is caught between the mysterious Cerebrum Institute and a fanatical terrorist organization. Take it from us, O Keepers of the Flame—James Bond was never like this! Fred Kida, and guest artists galore in the complete strips from 1983 and 1984!

Edited and with an introduction by Bruce Canwell / 11″ x 8.5” / hardcover / color and B&W / 324pp / ISBN 978-1-63140-898-4