LOAC Essentials Vol. 7: Tarzan 1929


Written by Edgar Rice Burroughs and Illustrated by Hal Foster and Rex Maxon

Three amazing firsts hit the newspaper strip pages in January 1929: the introduction of Buck Rogers as a Sunday, the debut of Edgar Rice Burroughs’s Tarzan as a daily strip, and the first newspaper strip art by Hal Foster. It was Foster who illustrated all sixty episodes of ERB’s seminal Tarzan of the Apes. And now LOAC Essentials brings you all of Foster’s first comics work, reproduced from ERB’s syndicate proofs. In addition, this book includes The Return of Tarzan, Beasts of Tarzan, and Son of Tarzan, each drawn by Rex Maxon. All together the first 300 daily Tarzan comics ever produced, all together in a single, affordable package!

Edited and Designed by Dean Mullaney / Introduction by Henry G. Franke III / 11.5” x 4.25” / hardcover / B&W / 324 pp / ISBN 978-1-63140-261-6