Little Orphan Annie Vol. 17: 1953-1955 — Fifty Miles from Nowhere


Written and illustrated by Harold Gray

Kidnapped by thugs and held at gunpoint, Annie is still in deadly peril from “Daddy” Warbucks’s enemies. But that’s not the only threat facing the peripatetic moptop. She has to go toe-to-toe with mobsters and crooked politicians, match wits with flimflam artists, and fend off a hitchhiking racket. When she’s finally reunited with “Daddy,” Punjab and the Asp explain that they’re in hiding, having just rescued the now-bedridden Warbucks from months of torture and brainwashing. When the financier’s enemies catch up with him again, the only hope Annie has may rest with an attic full of ghosts! In the final story, Annie and her friend Gini learn that the promise of “dreams come true” and a fairy tale castle don’t always turn out as expected. Little Orphan Annie Vol. 17 reprints the complete daily and Sunday comics from July 6, 1953 to May 1, 1955.

Edited and Designed by Dean Mullaney / Introduction by Jeet Heer / 11″ x 8.5″ / hardcover / B&W and color / 304 pp / ISBN