Gasoline Alley Vol. 1: 1964-1966


    Written and illustrated by Frank King and Dick Moores

    Forty-plus years earlier, Walt Wallet found baby Skeezix in a basket on his doorstep and in the 1964-1966 strips reproduced in this volume. Skeezix is now middle-aged and has a family of his own. For the first time since they appeared in newspapers fifty years ago, readers can enjoy these classic strips featuring Walt and his wife Phyllis, Skeezix and his wife Nina, Corky, Clovia, Slim, Avery, Mr. Pert, Joel, Rufus, and a whole cast of familiar characters. Reproduced from syndicate proofbooks.

    Edited by Dean Mullaney / Designed by Lorraine Turner / Introduction by Rick Norwood / 11″ x 8.5″ / Hardcover / B&W / 320 pp ISBN 978-1-61377-440-3