Four Sisters, Vol. 2: Hortense


Written and Illustrated by Cati Baur

This second volume in the series is all about 11-year-old Hortence, the second youngest of the Verdelaine sisters who live on their own since their parents’ deaths (which doesn’t stop Hortense’s parents’ spirits from visiting their girls!). Hortense spends her life in books and wonders what she will become: A character in her favorite series? A surgeon of incurable diseases who can help her new friend Muguette? Or peraps an actress? But to go on stage, Hortense would have to overcome her shyness, which seems unlikely for a girl who’d rather write in her diary than expressing her feelings out loud. It’s in her diary where she exposes her innermost thoughts and shares the ups and downs of her teenage life.
Translated by Edward Gauvin / 8.5″ x 11″ / TPB / color / 160 pp / ISBN 978-1-68405-433-6