Four Sisters, Vol. 1: Enid


Written by Cati Baur and Malika Ferdjoukh and Illustrated by Cati Baur

In a beautiful villa beside the sea, full of nooks and mystery, five sisters are living on their own since their parents died in a car accident—growing up together, sharing their grief, everyday experiences, and love. Charlie is the oldest; as the only adult she became the head of the family.

The first story is about the youngest sister Enid. A free spirit, she enjoys wandering alone and talking to animals and anything she meets. Her best friend Gulliver is, like her, offbeat and creative. Enid keeps hearing ghost-like screams and the two friends embark on a scary adventure.

These sisters are not perfect. They may not always get along, but in times of need, they can always count on one another.

Nominated for the Children’s Graphic Novel award at the Angoulême Festival.

Translated by Edward Gauvin / 8.5″ x 11″ / TPB / color / 160 pp / ISBN 978-1-68405-196-0