Dick Tracy Vol. 13: 1950-1951


Written and illustrated by Chester Gould

Dick and Tess’s house fire-bombed! B.O. Plenty riddled with bullets! Sam Catchum apparently crushed to death! This volume’s villains include the bombastic Blowtop, T.V. Wiggles, Dr. Plain, and Empty Williams. Plus a baby named Bonny Braids is born, Vitamin Flintheart returns, and who’s the mysterious woman named Crewy Lou? Containing all strips from March 26, 1950 to September 15, 1951.

Edited and Designed by Dean Mullaney / Introduction by Max Allan Collins / Afterword by Jeff Kersten / 11″ x 8.5″ / hardcover / B&W / 256 pp / ISBN 978-1-61377-198-3