FOMO Equals BNtbS

A reader inquiry made us realize we should tee up this topic for our loyal audience. Mario asked, “Will For Better or For Worse Vol 3 be reprinted? It’s impossible to find.”

The answer is, unfortunately, that there are no plans to reprint any sold-out LOAC books in their original editions.

We know that’s not the news readers want to hear, and it’s not news we like to deliver — unfortunately, it reflects the reality of book publishing in the 2020s.

Archival collections from most publishers, including us, are produced in low-volume print runs. Thanks to post-pandemic economics and marketplace realities, once a book is sold out it typically does not get reprinted, and the used book marketplace becomes the avenue where one finds a title that was missed when it was originally published. Since we all know that scarcity drives up price, we also know the kinds of prices these books can command on “the secondary market.”

Does that mean FOMO is real? Yes, Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) is a factor at play in our modern-day comic strip reprinting landscape. The best way to counteract FOMO is to BNtbS — Buy Now to be Sure. Be Sure you get what you want, and Be Sure you get it at new-book prices.

And the good news is, the For Better or For Worse series continues, as later this year LOAC takes Lynn Johnston’s exceptional series into the 21st Century when we release Volume 7:

Keep watching this site and our social media outlets for the official release date, and for more information about other LOAC projects coming your way in 2023.

3 thoughts on “FOMO Equals BNtbS

  1. Bruce Canwell says:

    Hey, Eric & Chris!

    [A] We’ll have an announcement of what LOAC releases lie ahead as 2023 unfolds pretty soon — just tying off a few ends before we roll out the info.

    [B] L.O.A. Vol 17 is not D.O.A. — obviously, there have been a few bumps in the road, but we’re seeking to be as spunky as America’s Spunkiest Kid as we work toward a happy end result!

    [C] We’ve said it before and we haven;t changed: Dean and I are both HUGE Jack Kent/KING AROO fans, and we’d love to do more, but right now a return to Myopia doesn’t look to be in the immediate cards for us. We keep our fingers crossed that conditions will change in that regard, though!

    Thanks to you both for dropping notes our way, and thanks for supporting LOAC —

    — Bruce

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