A Fantasy Comics Page for the New Year

Happy New Year to one and all! The first “official” business day of 2021 is Monday, January 4th, so we thought we’d put together a fantasy comics page for the same day and date from sixty-seven years ago. Step into the time machine and travel back to Monday, January 4, 1954 and see —

) A great gag that serves as a reminder of why we love Gordo!

) Chet Gould at his diagrammatic best!

) The cat claws on full display in Smilin’ Jack!

) Beetle Bailey, early in his Army career!

) Action in Alley Oop and a grin from Nancy and Sluggo!

) Things looking bad for Sandy, and for Harold Gray (who dated this strip as “01-04-53” instead of “01-04-54” — we checked four different newspapers to confirm Gray got the wrong year)!

) And, as a special bonus, an advertisement comic strip from a creator familiar to the LOAC audience!

We hope you enjoy, and that this will be the first of many smiles awaiting you in the coming year …

2 thoughts on “A Fantasy Comics Page for the New Year

  1. Bruce Canwell says:

    Hey, John — Believe me, I LOVE writing about Al Capp and his strip! Our near-term schedule is filled up and doesn’t include a new ABNER volume, but there’ll be more ABNER-related material coming to this space in the weeks ahead, I promise!

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