20th Century New Years Days, LOAC-Style

As 2022 comes a’borning, we thought we’d treat you — and ourselves! — to January 1st comics strips that reflect various Library of American Comics titles. We’ve spanned eight decades of the 20th Century, beginning with 1922 (with a full Gumps page, New Year’s Day falling on a Sunday that year) Little Orphan Annie from 1932, the 1942 Terry and the Pirates, hardboiled action with Dick Tracy (1952) and Secret Agent X-9 (1962), laughs with Bob Montana’s Archie from 1972, a 1982 Steve Canyon panoramic retrospective, and wrapping up in 1992 with not just Donald Duck, but Donald Duck featuring that luckiest member of the Duck family tree, Gladstone Gander! Click each strip for a larger view.

We wish all our readers and visitors to this space and our social media platforms a safe, healthy, and happy 2022!

2 thoughts on “20th Century New Years Days, LOAC-Style

    • Bruce Canwell says:

      Happy New Year, Deb!

      With Gladstone’s luck, Donald’s throw would only go wide and push more good luck Gladstone’s way!

      Best wishes for a fine 2022 —

      — Bruce Canwell

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