Mattéo, Book Two: 1917-1918


Written and Illustrated Jean-Pierre Gibrat

It’s been two years since the honor and glory sought in the Great War (seen in Book One of this series) have become mutilated and blurred memories. The October Revolution in Russia exudes hope in the hearts of the oppressed and draws in Mattéo, the son of a Spanish anarchist. But first he stops in Collioure to visit his mother. That same evening he sees his beloved Juliet for a brief but memorable moment, and the next day with his father’s friend Gervasio, Mattéo departs for Petrograd with camera in hand to document the advent of the more just and equitable world of his ideals. But once there he learns that those ideals may very well become victim of the disputes and differences between the various factions leading the revolution. It’s another tour-de-force from writer/artist Jean-Pierre Gibrat, telling the remarkable story of a century rich in great events and human tragedies.

Translated by Diana Schutz / 8.5″ x 11″ / hardcover / color / 80 pp / ISBN 978-1-68405-563-0