Dick Tracy Vol. 15: 1953-1954


Written and illustrated by Chester Gould

In Volume Fifteen, reprinting all daily and Sunday comic strips from April 19, 1953 to October 24, 1954, we learn the fate of “Little Wings” and her radioactive dad. On a lighter side, we meet Canhead (B.O.’s brother, Kincaid Plenty); his not so light and not so nice ex-wife Pony; and her crony, the downright creepy 3-D Magee. Meanwhile, Tracy has to deal with TNT vests and killer ants while showing Open-Mind Monty that he’s no “dummy.” Plus, the unlikely duo of Dewdrop and Sticks, the oversized Rainbow Reiley, and Chester Gould’s latest and greatest grotesque: Rughead.

Edited and Designed by Dean Mullaney / Introduction by Max Allan Collins / 11″ x 8.5″ / hardcover / B&W / 256 pp / ISBN 978-1-61377-668-1