Batman — Silver Age Newspaper Comics Vol. 1: 1966-1967


By Whitney Ellsworth, Sheldon Moldoff, Carmine Infantino, and Joe Giella

In partnership with DC Entertainment, LOAC gives the deluxe archival treatment to the classic 1960s Batman newspaper strip. This first volume, reprinting all B&W dailies and color Sundays from 1966 and 1967—nearly 600 consecutive comics—features an all-star list of Batman and Robin characters, including Catwoman, the Penguin, the Joker, Poison Ivy, and Batgirl!

Batman was created in 1939 by Bob Kane with Bill Finger.

Edited & Designed by Dean Mullaney / Introduction by Joe Desris / Cover by Pete Poplaski / 11” x 8.5” / hardcover / full-color / 280 pp / 978-1-61377-845-6