Rip Kirby Vol. 7: 1962-1964

    by John Prentice and Fred Dickenson
    Edited & Designed by Dean Mullaney, Essay by Brian Walker.

    In this seventh volume, Al Williamson takes on a larger role as John Prentice’s assistant, and Prentice fully hits his stride. Fred Dickenson continues to write Rip Kirby’s adventures. Rip Kirby, the suave gentleman detective is the right man for his times as then-current 1960s culture reflects a new fascination with sophisticated stories featuring James Bond and other agents, both secret and otherwise. The strips are reproduced from the original King Features Syndicate proofs, insuring that every daily will look even better than when they were first published in newspapers over fifty years ago. Containing nine complete stories in more than 800 sequential comics from February 12, 1962 to October 10, 1964.

    Oversized 11" x 10" hardcover-with-dustjacket, 296 pp., $49.99. ISBN: 978-1-63140-034-6


    Tarzan Vol. 3: 1971-1974

    by Russ Manning
    Edited & Designed by Dean Mullaney.
    Foreword by William Stout, Introduction by Henry Franke

    This third volume of a four-book series collecting the entire run of the Tarzan newspaper strip by Russ Manning presents the final two complete daily storylines, plus four extended Sunday adventures. In the dailies from August 2, 1971 through July 29, 1972, Tarzan returns to the Earth’s core, while Korak plays guide on the dangerous white water river. In the Sundays from January 24, 1971 through March 17, 1974, Tarzan travels to Pal-ul-don and Korak enters the City of Xuja.

    Oversized 11" x 8.5" hardcover-with-dustjacket, 296 pp, $49.99.
    ISBN: 978-1-61377-982-8

    LOAC Essentials Vol. 5: The Bungle Family 1930

    by Harry J. Tuthill
    Edited and designed by Dean Mullaney. Introduction by Paul Tumey.

    Art Spiegelman called The Bungle Family "the most underrated comic strip in our history." Bill Blackbeard wrote, "There has been nothing like it in comic strips since." Hogan's Alley magazine proclaimed, "The Bungle Family was about as wholly an adult comic strip as the field has ever known." Yet until now only sporadic examples of Harry J. Tuthill's masterpiece have been available to modern readers. This complete collection of 1930 dailies remedies that situation.

    Almost three decades before The Honeymooners, The Bungle Family revolved around a squabbling couple, George and Josephine Bungle, apartment dwellers who are constantly at odds with not only each other, but with their neighbors, landlords, relatives, and just about anyone who crosses their paths, constantly conniving and scheming for financial or social advantage. Unlike Ralph and Trixie Kramden, the Bungles are also trying to marry their daughter Peggy to a rich prospect (including the recurring con man, J. Oakdale Hartford, who figures prominently in this volume).

    Perhaps no other comic strip better defines LOAC Essentials's mission to reprint the daily newspaper strips that are essential to comics history in yearly volumes. Like previous Essentials offerings, The Bungle Family will give readers an immersive experience, similar to the one newspapers readers had may decades ago—reading the comics one day at a time.

    Oblong 11.5” x 4.25” hardcover, 344 pp, $24.99. ISBN: 978-1-61377-958-3

    Alex Toth : Genius, Animated: The Cartoon Art of Alex Toth

    By Dean Mullaney and Bruce Canwell

    The Library of American Comics concludes its in-depth look at Alex Toth's life and art with Genius, Animated. This companion volume to 2011's award-winning Genius, Isolated and 2013's Genius, Illustrated turns the spotlight on Toth's groundbreaking contributions in the field of animation, and features many rarely-seen or never-before-published pieces of art, much of it uncovered in the archives of Hanna-Barbera Studios! Featuring presentation illustrations for unsold series; character designs and storyboards for old favorites such as Space Ghost, Shazzan, and Super Friends; and work taken from both the beginning (Space Angel) and end (Bionic 6) of Toth's "Saturday kidvid" career, this oversized artbook features observations from animation professionals about his work, plus Alex's own commentary on the cartoon shows that shaped a generation.

    Genius, Animated is filled from cover to cover with must-see material,making it essential reading for Toth-fans and animation enthusiasts alike.

    Oversized 9.5" x 13" hardcover, 328 pp. with filmography, plus index to the entire trilogy, $49.99.
    ISBN: 978-1-61377-950-7.

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    Archie Swingin' Sixties Dailies Vol. 2: 1963-1965

    by Bob Montana
    Edited and designed by Dean Mullaney, Introduction by Bruce Canwell

    Continuing our Eisner Award-winning series, we we reach the mid-1960s when the now-famous cast of Archie, Jughead, Betty, Veronica, and Reggie are part of a rich ensemble presented by cartoonist Bob Montana. In addition to Fred and Mary Andrews (Archie's mom and pop) and Veronica's father, Mr. Lodge, Montana weaves gags around the entire staff of Riverdale High, including Mr. Weatherbee, Miss Grundy, Mr. Flutesnoot, Miss Shapely, and Miss Beazly, among others.

    11" x 8.5" hardcover, 296 pp., $49.99. ISBN: 978-1-61377-972-9.

    Little Orphan Annie Vol. 10: 1941-1943

    The Junior Commandos
    by Harold Gray

    Edited & Designed by Dean Mullaney, Essay by Jeet Heer

    America's spunkiest kid is hospitalized after a car crash, has to fight off a dope pushing doctor, meets "Crazy Kate" (who's not all that crazy!) and helps the bearded old man named Zaney keep his secret formula out of Nazi hands. When America enters the Second World War, Annie protects the home front by forming the Junior Commandos, a group that inspired tens of thousands of real life children to collect newspapers, scrap metal,and other items needed for the war effort. The fictional "Colonel Annie," meanwhile, finds herself face to face with fifth columnists and a Nazi submarine! Daddy Warbucks, true to his name, is back making munitions and leads a mysterious army overseas. And that's just for starters…in Volume Ten of The Complete Little Orphan Annie. Including dailies and Sundays from November 24, 1941 through August 7, 1943

    Oversized 11" x 8.5" full color hardcover-with-dustjacket, 296 pp., ISBN: 978-1-61377-951-4, $49.99.