Deja Vu, All Over Again

Had to share this with you! Today a package arrived on my snowy doorstep — it contained the final two volumes of our reformatting of the earliest books in the Dick Tracy series. Woo-hoo! I still have the original, smaller sized IDW-produced Tracy volumes standing right next to their new, full-sized LOAC counterparts. This is how it looks on my bookshelves, with our six re-releases now in place:

Here’s a tip of the Red Sox cap to LOAC’s guiding light, Dean Mullaney — notice how he mimicked the color scheme of the spines of the IDW books in our new releases. He’s a wily one, that Mullaney!

With the re-release of Volumes 5 and 6, Chester Gould’s entire groundbreaking run of Dick Tracy is now preserved in twenty-nine uniform editions, an accomplishment of which we’re proud (justifiably so, I think). They also feature exciting stories that feature Gould’s distinctive brand of two-fisted, gun-blazing action. Here are the covers to look for:

2 thoughts on “Deja Vu, All Over Again

  1. Bruce Canwell says:

    Hi, Angel — The reformatted TRACY Volumes 1-6 are the exact same dimensions as the originally-produced-by-LOAC Volumes 7-29, roughly 11 inches by nine inches. It’s also the format LOAC used on its original TERRY AND THE PIRATES run, as well as our LITTLE ORPHAN ANNIE series. So if you’ve seen any of those, you have a good sense of what the reformatted TRACYs look like.

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