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It occurs to me that we’re overdue in using this space to point you toward the fine work Kurtis Findlay has been doing with “LOAC Tee Vee.” Kurtis’s many efforts have rocketed us into the 21st Century with projects including the audio-only Library of American Comics/EuroComics Podcasts, and now with his video series that streams live, but is also recorded, so each episode is available for posterity and accessible through YouTube.

The LOAC Tee Vee installments take a look at a single book from our more than two-hundred-volume backlist. In some instances Kurtis flies solo as he shares a book with readers; in others he speaks with his fellow LOACers, or with knowledgeable comics scholars/historians who offer perspectives on the title-at-hand.

Here’s a rundown of LOAC Tee Vee to date (click each image to enlarge it):

You’ll find Kurtis discussing Steve Canyon Volume 11 by clicking LOAC Tee Vee – Canyon; Kurtis and Paul Tumey discussing Paul’s Screwball! collection, and Dean and Kurtis examining perhaps the most famous of Hugo Pratt’s Corto Maltese series, The Ballad of the Salty Sea.

Jeffrey Lindenblatt makes a guest appearance to talk about one of his favorite LOAC books (and mine, too!), Bringing Up Father: Of Cabbages and Kings. Kurtis stands in the center ring as he checks out the earliest Family Circus strips, and you might think Jeet Heer would join Kurtis to discuss a Little Orphan Annie volume, but nay, nay! Here he and Kurtis take a good look at our King of the Comics book that celebrates one hundred years of King Features Syndicate.

Kurtis is feelin’ The Force as he checks out Star Wars. Next, he found some big mouth who kept yapping and yapping, but at least the frogmouth had a terrific subject — the original Secret Agent X-9. And we end this rundown of LOAC Tee Vee with an installment that actually pre-dates LOAC, as Cem Selamet dials in from Oz to discuss the very first Dick Tracy volume!

Here’s a tip of the cap to Kurtis for doing such a fine job with this series, and a hope you’ll find a video outing or two (or three — or four –!) from this selection to enjoy.

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