Act Now! — For The Michael and Susan Kahn Political Cartoon Collection Lecture Series

The name Michael Kahn must surely strike a familiar chord with LOAC-a-philes, since he co-authored (with Richard S. West) the history of influential Puck magazine, titled What Fools These Mortals Be!, which we published in 2014.

This lavish oversized volume featured many pieces from the huge collection of political cartoons amassed by the Kahns — Michael and his wife, Susan — and Michael has long worked on academic projects focused on the subject of political cartooning.

So we’re delighted to pass along information Michael shared with us this morning (April 22, 2024, as this is being typed) about an upcoming three-part series of talks, hosted by UCLA, on the past, present, and future of the political cartoon. “This will be an informative and interesting series,” Michael told us, also mentioning that the first two lectures will be on-line affairs, while the third will be in-person on the UCLA campus. Here’s an overview of the three-part series …

… And here’s more detail about each individual lecture (click each image for an isolated view):

If you’re interested in attending you’ll need to pre-register, and here are the links that will allow you to sign up for the two on-line sessions (one or both), and for the in-person discussion.

The Kahns’ political cartoon collection, featuring over eleven thousand (yes, 11,000!) individual pieces, was donated to and now resides at UCLA, making that famous institution the ideal host for this series. Here are just a thimbleful of examples from The Michael and Susan Kahn Political Cartoon Collection (again, click each for an isolated view):

Since a month from now these three lectures will be completed, our headline is not hyperbolic: Act Now if you’d like to register for what is sure to be a fascinating series!

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