A New Book and Some Old Comics

I went to visit with Lynn Johnston the other day, something I hadn’t really been able to do for a long while since the ongoing pandemic. I visited her at her studio which is where the FBorFW business is conducted, but it is also where Lynn has set up her workspace. These days, she spends her time painting. Sometimes it is of funny animals, other times she pushes herself try new things. At the moment she is trying her hand at abstract, and doing a pretty good job of it! Hopefully she will be willing to share some of these painting with us in the future.

In her office is an amazing couch, custom made from Lynn’s designs, of an alien creature with many tentacles. The eyeballs are throw pillows and the feet of the furniture are suction cups. There is also a small alien footrest! And suspended from the ceiling is a large alien spaceship that lights up in different colours! Her studio is decorated all throughout with her own art, original painting, original strip art, animation art from her tv shows, as well as art that she has received from friends over the years: Mike Peters, Sergio Aragones, Will Eisner, Glen Keane, and many more.

Together, we took a look through the brand-new For Better or For Worse, Vol. 5, and talked a bit about future volumes and how we are looking forward to what is coming next. We both want to encourage you to head down to your local book store or comic shop and place an order for this volume. You will love it!

While I was there, Lynn gave me a little box of goodies, and inside was the Sunday comic section from The Atlanta Constitution, July 23, 1939. Sixteen pages long, there are very well known strips alongside less familiar ones and some that have become quite unknown. I have included cell phone pictures of the pages for you to read. Click on an image to see it a bit bigger.

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  1. Patrick D Herman says:

    Kurtis…Will For Better or For Worse Volume 5 (and future volumes) eventually be made available for Kindle/Comixology users?

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