A Little Pre-Holiday Caniff-ana

Where have I been over the past several weeks? Up to my eyebrows in things Caniffian! I’m writing text for Steve Canyon Volume 11, covering the strips originally published in 1967-68: it’s a fascinating time for the series and an equally intriguing period of history. I’ve been working like mad to stitch all the most interesting relevant threads into a completed tapestry for the book’s introductory essay.

Since I have two Terry and the Pirates pieces on my walls, I’ve been keeping an eye out for a second Canyon piece to join the original April 26, 1963 daily, for which I’m the current custodian …

… And I recently found a nice thing at a price within my budget, so I just gave myself a little early Christmas present by acquiring this, from 1952:

Next steps: get it framed and hanging on a wall (as soon as I can figure out where I have enough open space!), and see if I can get some information on Eleanor Keffer, for whom Milton dedicated this piece. But neither of those steps will happen until I turn in my text for Volume 11, which includes a section on the many times Caniff generated special artwork for his most dedicated fans. Look for it early in 2021 and help us continue to make this the most extended reprint of Steve Canyon in comics history. And of course, a Happy Thanksgiving to all our Stateside readers, too!

2 thoughts on “A Little Pre-Holiday Caniff-ana

    • Dean Mullaney says:

      Yes, there will be more! Although the pandemic has caused delays in our schedule, Vol. 12 — including the marriage of Steve and Summer! — is slated for late 2021 or early 2022.

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