A Little Comics Fiction, Just for Fun

If you read our Flash Gordon and Jungle Jim Champagne Edition series, you may remember reading my longtime friend Doug Thornsjo’s excellent article about the Universal Studios Flash movie serials. Doug has forgotten more about those classic old Hollywood chapterplays than I’ll ever know, so when the time came in the Champagne series to cover Flash’s original big-screen turns, Doug was the perfect person to lead that discussion.

What you may not know about Doug is that he’s a writer and artist who has occasionally turned his attention to creating comics of his own. His first forays into comics narrative came in the early 1980s, when he self-published two issues of his original space-faring creation, Quirk, Star Reject of the Galaxy. At the time of its original release, Quirk # 1 received a positive review The Comics Buyer’s Guide , which favorably compared that inaugural story to some of Jim Starlin’s “kozmic” output from that period.

Doug has returned to Quirk from time to time in the intervening years, eventually collecting those earlier adventures into a pair of paperbacks that are available from a number of sources.

Reaching the point in Lester Dent’s Doc Savage story-construction outline where “now the hero really gets it in the neck,” Doug ensnared the star-reject and his friends Carpy, Sludge, and Smith in the machinations of an Eee-vil Pan-Galactic Corporation. In recent months he’s turned his thoughts to mapping out a last act for his vivid cast of characters, and he asked me if I might come up with a Quirk story he could draw while he continued to lay out his plans for the eventual Grand Finale.

So first I did, then he did, and if you have an interest in reading the result, you’ll find it available for free here. Doug has provided a brief-but-snappy “Prelude” that allows readers to catch up on What Has Gone Before. Those who prefer a more multimedia experience might enjoy this YouTube trailer Doug put together as a preview, in preparation for launching this story. Anyone who might like to sample the all-Doug-created previous tales of the Quirkverse will find easy access to prior installments in the series, easily available from this spot on his site.

Following this brief diversion into New Material, we’ll be back here in this space shortly with an example from one of the least-seen creations of one of the comics industry’s Acknowledged Giants.

How’s that for piquing the ol’ interest …?

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