This Month in LOAC History

While the dates shown are likely not accurate — these days comic strip reprint books can have multiple release dates: one for comic shops, one for general bookstores, and one for on-line booksellers — these are the books we have published during the month of July since The Library of American Comics was founded in 2007. For a bit of extra fun, we tossed in some birthday greetings (but specifically who gets ’em? That, we ain’t tellin’!), plus a wedding anniversary notation for my wife and me (eight years on July 20th!). Click the image for a larger view.

If you’re wondering why the first eleven days above are blacked out, there’s a simple explanation: I didn’t come up with this idea until July 10th, and the end product didn’t fully come together until the 11th. Even with the first third of the month unavailable, we thought the results of this “LOAC Historical Calendar” looked interesting, and we hope you do, too!

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